Nothing brings joy to your day like these adorable volleydorks! Enjoy your 2023 year by starting your mornings with the Haikyuu!! characters. Each month will feature a different Haikyuu!! team, and the project itself will feature over 15 different artists!

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meet the mods


Mod Position✨Layout, Communications
ExperienceπŸ“‹Has done formatting for many hobby newsletters over the years
Fave HQ Team🌱Seijoh
Fave Character🀍Oikawa
Fave SeasonπŸ—“Fall and Spring
Fave Seasonal Activity🍁Fire pits, leaf piles, and planting sprouts


Mod Position✨Finance, Organization
ExperienceπŸ“‹n/a (support mod for org and finance)
Fave HQ TeamπŸ¦‰Fukurodani
Fave Character🀍Kita
Fave MonthπŸ—“June
Fave Seasonal Activityβ˜€οΈGoing to the beach


Interest Check→February 4 2022
Contributor Applications→March 5 2022
Email Results→April 9 2022
Pitches Due→April 18 2022
Check-in #1β†’May 16 2022
Check-in #2β†’June 13 2022
Final Submissions→July 12 2022
Preorders Open→July 2022
Preorders Close→August 2022
Production→August 2022
Shipping→December 2022
Note: This schedule is subject to change...Deadlines at 11:59pm EST


What is the calendar theme and specifications?
The 2023 calendar will feature SFW art with a canon theme focusing on Haikyuu teams at their leisure. We will be looking for 13-14 artists and 3-5 merch artists. More specifications to come following the results of the interest check!

What are the application requirements?
All participants must be over the age of 16 and have a Discord account as this will be the main form of communication and required for check-ins. Applicants may apply to the zine if they will be turning 16 before the concept check is due (DATE). Discord access will be granted once the applicant has turned 16.

Applicants are welcome to apply for both artist and merch artist roles but may only be chosen for one. Any potential compensation from profits will still count as going towards one contributor. Further guideline details will be posted when the contributor applications open.

Where is this shipping from?
Shipping will be from the US and we will ship worldwide, provided your country is not currently restricting international mail acceptance. Group orders are more than welcome.

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